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Wireless Multi-Parameters Patient monitor

  • 1601


  • Monitoring parameters: 6 parameters
  • Devices included: acquisition instrument bedside machine
  • Monitoring time: 48h
  • Power supply: Lithium battery charger power cord
  • Product description:
acquisition instrument

Real-time display of 6 parameters: ECG NIBP SpO2 Respiration Temperature Pulse

2.8-inch true color TFT display, real-time display, wireless transmission, compact size, independent wearing

separate high capacity and low power consumption design, safer charging, more secure monitoring, it can work continuously for 48 hours

call location function, it is convenient for users to find the location

bedside machine

15-inch true color TFT humanized touch screen

dual operating system of touch and button, intuitive and reliable

receive the wireless signal of the acquisition instrument in real time

sound and light dual alarm system

equipped with pluggable high capacity rechargeable lithium battery for AC and DC

long time waveform and monitoring data recording and review function

optional printout function, alarm trigger printing