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Mobicare™ GW series multi-parameter monitor


The article starts with "Bed rest" may sound like a gentle, healing process, but this is deceptive. Our bodies are made to move, and multiple problems quickly start to set in even after a couple of days of immobility.”


•How to safely and accurately monitor the patient without putting them in bed?

•How to monitor multiple parameters and still permit the patient active mobility?

•How to monitor the patient’s vital signs in the hospital room, in transit within the hospital, and after they are discharged?

Providing Solutions Consistent with Modern Medical Care


MobiCare® provides the safe monitoring of patients while avoiding the negative effects of unnecessary bed rest.

•2.8-inch true color TFT screen for display of real-time vital-signs and signals

•Wireless transmission of real-time vital-sign signals to bedside monitor

•Compact and lightweight for patient comfort

•Powered by a high-capacity lithium battery for 48 hours of continuous use

•Separate, stand-alone battery charger for user safety

•Displays real-time vital-signs and signals including ECG, HR, SpO2, NIBP, Respiratory, and Temperature

•Patient body position detection and fall alarm

•Pager function for locating the patient module easily

The MobiCare Series Multi-parameter Patient Monitoring System consists of a Patient Module that wirelessly transmits real-time vital sign signals to a Bedside Display or a touch screen Tablet computer.

MobiCare uses Bluetooth, a classic protocol, in the MobiCare system for its maturity and wide availability in almost all Bluetooth ready devices.  This will allow us to use many different devices as receiver/display.

Low energy Bluetooth is important since our system continuously transmits multiple channels of signals.

Application Model:

  • Traditional Bedside Patient Monitoring – Within Hospital

  • Infectious Disease or Isolation Ward Patients
  • Recovery and Physical Rehabilitation Patients
  • Telemetry Monitoring System – Monitoring Anytime, Anywhere

  • On-the-spot mobile monitoring with continuous monitoring over cellular data network (3G/4G) from the emergency site to the emergency room

Other Typical Uses for Advanced Application Model:

  • Home monitoring: For example, the medical center can initiate blood pressure test remotely and the family members can view the data.
  • Special training monitoring: pilots, divers, military and zero gravity monitoring
  • Cadre’s ward, VIP ward monitoring, top private hospitals and foreign hospitals
  • Top nursing homes
  • VIP patient home visits